Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup : Paul the Octopus Prediction

I don’t know if you have heard about Paul the German octopus that is predicting all of Germany’s matches in the 2010 World Cup. For those of you that haven’t I will give you the background story.

Paul is an octopus born in England but he is currently residing at Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. The people over at Sea Life Aquarium somehow came up with the idea of letting this octopus predict all of Germany’s matches in the 2010 World Cup. After having predicted the correct outcome in all of Germany’s five games in the World Cup so far he has become a world wide celebrity which gets a LOT of media attention.

Paul the Octopus predicts the games by eating a mussel out of one of the two containers that his caretakers are sending down in his tank. One of the boxes has the German flag and the other box has the flag of the opposing team. The box out of which he eats is the winner of the game. That’s how the advanced octopus predictions work.

In last game against Argentina he managed to predict another Germany win and it has now reached the point where some people actually think this octopus has the power to predict World Cup matches. I do have to admit that five out of five correct picks is a great achievement so far but I would say that it’s luck rather than skill.

Below is a picture of Paul predicting the Argentina vs. Germany game.

It will be very interesting to see what his prediction is going to be for the semi final game where they are going to face Spain. The picture of Paul the Octopus’ latest prediction can be found below. Yes, he picked SPAIN. Let’s see if he is going to be right again. ViVA eSPANA! ;-p

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Solihin Zubir said...

kalo btoi la ramalan encik sotong nie, mmg sempoi ah!
tp kalo salah, aku wat goreng tepung sotong nie! hahaha..

Solihin Zubir said...

Ramalan sotong nie mmg tepat! terbaek ah! haha.. ;-p

Anonymous said...

makan pon sedap gak tuu..hahahaha